About Our Company


  • WADICO is the new rising star in our group of companies that are all involved in the health care sector. Our vision is to be the corporate leader in all areas of health care in Egypt by the year 2017 or possibly before.
  • WADICO was founded in 2011, born out of the success of Wadi El Neel for Medical Services (WNMS) (www.lotus-global.com), which has established itself as one of the leading companies in medical insurance. WNMS has an extensive network of health care providers throughout Egypt, including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories and other centers involved in high quality medical services.
  • Egypt Med International (EMI) (www.egyptmedtravel.com) is also a member of this group, founded in response to a demand for quality medical tourism.
  • WADICO has a joint venture collaboration with Star Medical Company and holds 50% of its total shares, to actively target Egyptian as well as African healthcare markets for acquisition of turn key projects & hospital management systems
  • WADICO is an agent and distributor of medical supplies and equipment for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, radiology centers, and home care.
  • Our field includes most of the specialties. WADICO agrees to follow the highest principles of business ethics and voluntary self-regulation, and have a proven record of marketplace honesty and integrity.
  •  Also, WADICO has good communications and capabilities to distribute their products in different African countries like Cameron, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Djibouti, Libya, Sudan, South Sudan, and others
  • WADICO places the client’s needs first and foremost. Every customer is assigned a personal representative in order to provide a good relationship with supplier and there are no maximum or minimum requirements on orders. Even the smallest shipment can be catered for.

Mission & Goals

  • To build strong basis for long term successful relation with our business partners.
  • To be a market leader in providing comprehensive & high tech solutions for hospitals and health care facilities with excellent reputation of after sales services.
  • Thanks to a highly qualified and responsible staff and mutually beneficial alliances.
  • We consider short term plans to encourage our management to invest in any further business development and growth plans.
  • Long term plans include both vertical & horizontal expansion by adding more business fields with its specialized teams and adding more customers.




  • To be one of the top 3 market leaders in Egypt and the Africa within 5 years, selling, exporting, importing and manufacturing medical supplies & hospital equipment.
  • To have training institute for medical professions to endorse scientific based courses for specialized medical devices.


  • Customer Focus
    We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers, and their satisfaction is our top priority.
  • Integrity and Quality
    Customers respect , Our business practices and quality control guidelines are designed to ensure the marketing of superior products.
  • Performance
    We strive to constantly improve our performance by investing in our equipment, new agencies and by ensuring our employees have access to continuous professional development.
  • Health and Safety
    The health and safety of our customers, as well as the safety of our environment, remain an important priority. Our work environment and our procedures are designed according to the Good Manufacturing Practices Guide.


1: Enriching our agencies portfolio:

  • Selection of high quality & reasonably priced products.
  • Fulfilling all solutions for hospital and lab. requirements starting from construction phase, capital equipment & hospital furniture.
  • All products have to be certified with excellent market feedback and reputation.

2: Focus on market activities

    • A well tailored quarter annual market approach plan revised & monitored regularly.
    • Focus on optimum geographic coverage & proper KOL approach.
    • Ensuring customer satisfaction by providing solutions & immediate response to customers needs.
    • Educating customers by merging product features & benefits.
    • Creating customer demand besides fulfilling customer needs.
    • Using effective demonstration techniques like live product presentations & hands-on applications.
    • Continuous arrangement of friendly though business events like seminars in hospitals and conferences in hotels to build a friendly atmosphere with our customers.
    • Focus on our product advantages against competitors.
    • Enriching product perception & value.

3- Focus on sales force development:

  • All the team members will have full class training and on the job training for both selling skills and product training.
  • Regular performance appraisal & evaluation.
  • Spreading & elevating the team spirit to achieve loyalty and devotion.

4: Full Market Coverage:

  • Setting a wide list of prospects & potential projects from all market sectors: Military & police hospitals, MOH, health insurance, university & educational institutes as well as private sector hospitals and pharmaceutical facilities.
  • Focus on all prospects inside & outside Cairo with more focus on remote areas in Delta, Sinai & Upper Egypt.
  • Involving consulting & engineering offices such as Shaker consultants, Dar al handasa, Orascom, Wadi Al Nile…etc.
  • Considering some projects outside Egypt in African countries (especially; Sudan, Libya, Ghana, Eretria & Zambia).
  • Close follow up & process monitoring for proper project updates.
  • Complete project execution with continuous after sales service for optimum customer satisfaction which results in good reputation.

SWOT Analysis


  • Experienced & highly qualified team.
  • Excellent relations with decision makers.
  • Strong agencies portfolio.
  • High quality up-to-date products.
  • Stable financial condition.


  • None.


  • New governmental consideration to improve health sector.
  • Many hospitals’ renovations.
  • New hospitals in all governorates.
  • Health care funded projects in Egypt & Africa.
  • Better consideration of product quality for better durability.
  • Public health insurance plan to cover all citizens.


  • Delay in providing spare parts and products.
  • Delay in issuing authorization & registration documents.
  • Lower competitor prices.